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Music Boom

Ross, Fuhr e Huchard cercano di fare musica, non di impressionare il pubblico, utilizzando lo spazio a disposizione senza un eccessivo autocontrollo dei meccanismi dialogici. Ne scaturisce un risultato ricco di libertà e fantasia che fa di questo disco un'altra perla nella discografia di questo giovane pianista.

Westfälische Nachrichten

Die musikalischen Welten, die Florian Ross schafft, sind einer ständigen Metamorphose unterworfen. Die Klänge seiner Kompositionen und Arrangements fließen unaufhörlich. Sie geraten in Strudel, verformen sich mal abrupt, mal allmählich. Und stets wird dieser Kosmos durchströmt von einem fordernden Sog, der den Sound weitertreibt – bis sich am Ende alle musikalischen Strukturen auflösen. Ins Nichts? Nein: Die Ross‘sche Musik hinterlässt Eindruck bei den Zuhörern...


In his judicious piano style but also in his obvious skills as a composer and arranger, which steer the music away from the mire of homogeneous Eurobop and into the realms of inventive and original small-group jazz.

Jazz TImes

The most obvious role model for the Florian Ross Trio is Keith Jarrett’s band with Jack DeJohnette and Gary Peacock. An inventive, inspired unit capable of heightened sensitivity and ferocious interplay, they exhibit remarkable empathy and dazzling virtuosity on Blinds & Shades (Intuition). As the trio’s principal composer, pianist Ross demonstrates a delicate touch on luminous pieces like “Ev’ry Now and Then (Pause and Think Again)” and “Grande Tristesse,” as well as on the gorgeous solo piano closer “Goodbye,” while his more forceful keyboard work, as on “Toss & Turn” and “Getting There (Is Half the Fun),” creates its own swinging, cascading momentum.


Diaspora Deutschland? Denkste: Dank Könnern wie Florian Ross schon lange nicht mehr.

London Jazz News

Ross' composing, arranging and orchestrating skills for large ensemble are of the highest order and do not take a back seat to anyone. While clearly embracing a modernistic approach he also recognises the tradition with frequent nods to writers such as Gil Evans, Bob Brookmeyer and Claus Ogerman.

Toronto Star

This is music that's very advanced melodically, harmonically and rhythmically.

Piano News

Der Forderung des Pianisten Jim McNeely in dem Begleittext zur CD kann man sich durchaus anschließen: ‘When is the next album?’ 

Kultur News

Ross komponiert mit jener Leichtigkeit, die allen traditionellen Ballast austariert.

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